Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, BC

Zero to one hundred installation of concrete table

Concrete tables are among the most widely used materials for landscaping in residential houses and commercial places. These products have high resistance and long life and have an affordable price. All these things, along with beauty and visual effects, have made them widely used all over the world.

The way concrete tables are installed has a great impact on their beauty and longevity. For this reason, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the basic tabulation method before installing and even buying a concrete table. It doesn’t matter if you use these parts for landscaping or garden design, etc., you can landscape in the best way by following the tips that we will tell about installing a concrete table.

How to install a concrete table?

If you want to install concrete tables like professionals, be sure to pay attention to the tips that we say in the concrete table installation tutorial. Maybe these tips seem simple and basic at first glance, but the fact is that following these seemingly simple tips will make the result of the work very acceptable and professional.

On the other hand, after the passing of time due to commuting and other environmental stresses, minimal damage is done to the tables. Most of the tips for installing a concrete table are the same, but according to the type of table and its use, there may be slight differences.

Concrete table installation training

Concrete tables made for flooring or landscaping are very strong. However, in order to increase their lifespan, points such as installation height should be observed well. The height should be proportional to the level of the surrounding environment and the infrastructure of the space. How to install concrete table for garden and villa is like this;

  1. In the first step, level the ground well.
  2. The ground should be dug up to the height of the wall block.
  3. The place of the table bases is placed on the ground of the wall block.
  4. Place the blocks with the open side facing up.
  5. Make concrete using high quality cement.
  6. Carefully pour concrete around the block.
  7. Finally, after the surrounding concrete hardens, we place the concrete table bases in the open area.
  8. At the end, after leveling the tables, concrete around the bases again.

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