Burnaby, BC

Burnaby, BC

What is the way to run Kanyo table?

How to run Kanyo table

Kanyo tables are installed for reasons such as drainage to transfer and guide surface water and rainwater on sidewalks, green spaces, etc. In general, the details and principles of the implementation of canyon tables should be mentioned in detail in the implementation drawings and in the technical specifications section. The contractor is also obliged to install the canyon tables after complying with all the standards, including the correct leveling of the land and reaching the desired sizes and technical specifications.

Due to the low height of these parts, there is no need for reinforcement to install Kanyo tables. However, if there is a possibility of soil drift, reinforced tables should be used. Kanyos, which are used for installation in streets and passages and for collecting surface water, usually have semicircular or V-shaped sections.

One of the important points in the executive detail of the canyon table is that if the covered table is implemented, special valves for collecting and draining surface water must be installed at regular and standard intervals. These vents should be horizontal, vertical or a combination of both. In this part, we explain how to implement the canyon table and drainage in the roads and streets.




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